Waypoint 6

Beech Trees

The long history of woodland management has led to major changes in the type of trees growing in the woodlands, as we can see with the planting of trees such as Beech and Sycamore following the felling of oak trees for charcoal making at the end of the 19th century. These replacement trees were planted in straight lines as a cash crop to benefit from the expected increase in demand arising from the need for new housing for the Industrial Revolution workforce.


Tree Ring Count

A tree ring count indicated that the beech saplings were planted around 1812. The pins are placed at 10 year intervals.


Teddy Bear Tree

The youngsters have adopted this oak tree, with its bark shaped like a crying teddy bear, as a mascot.


Wood for Manufacturing

Bobbins for quality textiles were made from expensive imported wood such as ebony and mahogany. Yorkshire business men noted that by steaming beech wood they could achieve a similar colour and attract a higher price.


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